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Navoti Dedicates a Full Article on Relaxarium Spa

Check out the blog post that Navoti, one of our main distributors in France, has published about our annual meeting with us in France. Our concept of sustainability, respect to the environment and the ecosystem, and how much we learn from nature are a few examples of what we share with our partners and distributors. This is how the relation between companies flows harmonically.

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Our Clients' Reviews

We have collected testimonies directly from our clients in different shows and events in France and other parts of the world. Click the button if you want to listen to them and get a direct and fresh feedback from our users.

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Interview Novoti and Relaxariumspa

Interview with one of our main distributors Navoti

We are happy to communicate our business relation and expansion together with Navoti, a company that harmonizes with our phylosophy of sustainability and wellness. Navoti redistributes our shower heads and organic shower salts in the French market through retail and ecommerce sales channels. On the left CEO of Navoti, on the right Mr. Dayal M.H, CEO of Relaxarium Spa.

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NatExpo Trophy Bioinnovation Relaxariumspa

Award Winning NatExpo Trophy

Our home and professsional shower heads have been awarded with the prestigious NatExpo Trophy in 2015 as the most bioinnovating product of the year. This important award is only granted to companies who have developed a chain of excellence in the quality and materials used in order to offer customers the best experience.

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Our Shower Heads at the Thalasso Spa Hotel Atlantico in Galicia

This amazing hotel in the north of Spain has available a pretty large venue dedicated only to spa and thalasso therapies. This hotel has installed our thalasso & spa shower heads in all the guests' rooms. The clients can also purchase a shower head at the lobby of the hotel and that's exactly what they all do before they leave the hotel. It looks like experiencing an early morning shower with Relaxarium Spa is becoming a daily routine, and we are thrilled with this!

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Hotel Daumesnil Vincennes and Relaxariumspa

Relaxarium Spa at the Hotel Daumesnil Vincennes in Paris

This hotel in France has recently equipped all the rooms with our vortex shower heads. They have placed a product display at the lobby where clients can actually buy a shower head and take it back home with them to continue our unique shower experience. If you want to watch the interview (in French) with the general manager of the hotel and view the image gallery go ahead and hit the button.

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