1.1.- Ownership OF THE WEBSITE

The General Conditions of purchase together with the Particular Conditions that, in each case and product, may be established (hereinafter, and collectively, "Contract") will be applicable to the electronic and / or telephone purchase of the products offered by the owner and owner of the GOOD HEALTH SL website through its website https://relaxariumspa.es/ (hereinafter the "Web"). GOOD HEALTH SL, with registered office at Calle Alcalde Luis de la Mata Sevillano, 6 Polígono Industrial de Vicálvaro 28.32 Madrid, contact telephone numbers 629246439 and email address: info@relaxariumspa.com, provided with CIF B82530049. The products to which these General Conditions apply extend to all the products offered on the web.

The CLIENT, by purchasing the product, accepts all the terms and conditions set forth in these General Conditions. And declares, before having bought the product, having been informed, where appropriate, in the extension requested by him and having read, all the information contained in these General Conditions, in the "Legal Notice" and in the "Policy of Privacy and Data Protection ».

1.2.- Modification of the General Conditions.

GOOD HEALTH SL. You can modify these General Conditions at any time. In case of modification of these General Conditions, GOOD HEALTH SL. will communicate said modification to each of the CUSTOMERS who are affected by the change in the provision of the products purchased. The modification communicated will be understood as accepted as long as the user does not notify GOOD HEALTH SL in writing. your disagreement with it. In case of communicating to GOOD HEALTH SL. Your disagreement with the modification made to this Contract will be understood to be resolved in accordance with the provisions of clause 10 thereof.


The price of the products provided by GOOD HEALTH SL., Will be those indicated on the Web on the date of purchase for each of the products provided. Product prices include VAT, unless expressly stated otherwise.

The total cost of the product will be communicated to the CLIENT, through the web, through digital support or by any other means at the time of requesting the provision of the product, prior to its acceptance.


In the case of purchase of Special products whose price is not contemplated on the Web, GOOD HEALTH SL will prepare a specific budget that must be approved and paid by the CLIENT prior to the provision of this product, or through the payment method that set your own budget.

  1. a) Due to the increase in the CPI

GOOD HEALTH SL will maintain the prices under which the purchase has been made until December 31 of each year. As of January 1 of each new year, GOOD HEALTH SL. You may revise up or down the prices of products by an amount equal to the increase or decrease experienced by the General Consumer Price Index (CPI), National General Set, corresponding to the previous twelve months published by the National Institute of Statistics or body to replace it.

  1. b) Due to new obligations of the CLIENT

In certain products, the expansion of capacity or product may lead to an increase in the price. This increase will always be made under the knowledge of the CLIENT.

  1. c) Due to variation in product costs

Likewise, GOOD HEALTH SL. reserves the same right to modify prices in the event of a substantial variation in product costs.

In the event of price revision due to new obligations of the CLIENT or variation of the costs of the product GOOD HEALTH SL will notify the CLIENT by email of the proposal of the new prices, being able to accept them or terminate this product contract in accordance with the provisions of the tenth clause.


3.1.- Time of payment

The payment of the purchased products will be made at the time of purchase by credit or debit card through a POS gateway provided by Paypal and Stripe.

GOOD HEALTH SL does not save the card data provided by its Clients.

3.2.- Return of receipts and return of purchases

In case of return of a payment, the bank charges will be borne by the CLIENT and GOOD HEALTH SL will contact him by phone and / or email, to request payment by transfer, for the value of the fee or product purchased plus the Expenses produced by said return, which will be invoiced with the corresponding VAT.


3.3.- Invoice

Immediately after the purchase of the respective product, or the issuance of the receipt for payment, GOOD HEALTH SL. will make available to the CLIENT the invoice corresponding to the purchased product.


The purchase of the product can be made by electronic or telephone purchase.

4.1 Electronic Purchase

You can contract any of the products offered by GOOD HEALTH SL. through our WEB. To do this, we put at your disposal a platform in which you must select the desired product (s) and enter the basic purchase data and the payment method. Once the general and particular conditions of purchase have been accepted, and the order accepted, the purchase will be considered completed.

4.2 Telephone Purchase

The USER also has the possibility of making the purchase by telephone. GOOD HEALTH SL. will take the data and send you the product by external logistics service. The client will facilitate the payment either by Paypal, Bizum or bank transfer. Once the payment is confirmed, the product will be sent.


5.1.- Causes of Contractual Termination

The following are causes for termination of the Contract, regardless of those collected in commercial traffic:


  1. A) Unilateral resolution by either party


1.For non-compliance

Either party may automatically terminate the Contract if the other party breaches its provisions.


The CLIENT has a period of 24 hours from the purchase of the item to exercise their right of withdrawal, in which case GOOD HEALTH SL. will return the amount paid by the Client, discounting the costs that the operation may have general. You can exercise the withdrawal by sending an email to info @ GOOD HEALTH SL.es, indicating in the subject "Withdrawal of the purchase" and the order number if applicable.

In the case of exchange, the client must send the merchandise by courier on their own, unopened, in a package that must be in perfect condition and without symptoms that the product was manipulated and / or used.

The Client will not have the right of withdrawal in those cases in which he cannot be classified as a consumer.

Nor will it be applicable, taking into account the exceptions included in the current legislation, such as: services that have been fully executed; and digital content supply services.

  1. C) Unilateral resolution by GOOD HEALTH SL

The unilateral resolution by GOOD HEALTH SLL. will not carry any penalty, if it occurs for the following reasons:

The articles of massage, hygiene or susceptible of hygiene and articles that generate cuts, do not admit any type of change or returns

1 lightning

In the event of non-payment, if after (48) Hours from the payment deadline stipulated in this Contract, the CLIENT has not made the payment.


In this case GOOD HEALTH SL. will not have the obligation to provide the service corresponding to the non-payment.


GOOD HEALTH SL., In its capacity as vendor, will have the following obligations:

  • Confirm the purchase made by the CLIENT, by email to the specified email address or by contacting the customer by phone.
  • Make available to the client its own and / or sub-purchased personnel with sufficient technical training, academic qualifications and administrative requirements that are required for the performance of the management and advisory tasks provided for in these General Conditions.

For its part, the CLIENT agrees to:

  • Provide all the information and documentation required GOOD HEALTH SL guaranteeing its authenticity and veracity.
  • Make payments in the manner agreed in this contract and comply with the other obligations contained in these General Conditions.


The CLIENT declares himself responsible for all the data entered by him on the GOOD HEALTH SL website, or provided to it in any way.

Likewise, it is declared responsible for notifying any change / modification that could affect the processing of the purchase made. The means of notification will be that established in the corresponding contract.


GOOD HEALTH SL is not responsible for the veracity, accuracy and completeness of the data entered by the User.

The CLIENT will be solely responsible for the consequences arising from the use of GOOD HEALTH SL and the products purchased.

Likewise, GOOD HEALTH SL in no case will be responsible for:

  1. Web pages or other Internet resources that are accessible through links (by «links», «banners», etc.) included in the GOOD HEALTH SL Platform
  2. The CLIENT is obliged not to enter information on the GOOD HEALTH SL website that may be considered illegal, immoral or contrary to public order. Therefore, GOOD HEALTH SL will not be responsible in the event that the information included in the Portal by the CLIENT offends the CLIENT or third parties, injures them, damages their right to honor or privacy or damages them in any way.
  3. Damages caused by the transfer to third parties, loss, theft and theft of the Access Codes, as well as any act or omission of the CLIENT that could enable the commission of fraud, when said circumstances have not been communicated to GOOD HEALTH SL by the CLIENT in the shortest possible time. Consequently, until the CUSTOMER makes the aforementioned communication, GOOD HEALTH SL will not be liable for the operations that are carried out on behalf of the CUSTOMER in said interval.
  4. Damages caused to the Client or a third party as a result of anomalies, deficiencies and / or technical failures not attributable to GOOD HEALTH SL. that hinder or prevent communication between GOOD HEALTH SL and the Client. In particular, but not limited to, the aforementioned anomalies, deficiencies and / or technical failures may consist of interferences, omissions, delays, interruptions or disconnections in the operation and access to the Internet network, or any breakdown, fall or overload of the network or the computer or telematic systems used.
  5. Damages caused to the CLIENT or to a third party that could be caused as a result of deficiencies or security failures in the networks or communication systems not controlled by GOOD HEALTH SL
  6. Damages caused to the CLIENT or a third party as a result of errors in the information from the CLIENT himself or from suppliers other than GOOD HEALTH SL. or provision of products by them, even if it has been received through the product regulated in these General Conditions, or those that may be caused by illegitimate interference by third parties and by so-called computer "viruses" or similar programs.


  1. Damages caused as a result of the performance or operation of any third-party software that may be used in connection with the GOOD HEALTH SL Platform
  2. Loss of profits of the Client derived from the breach by the Company of its obligations under these General Conditions.

The CLIENT accepts that, in any case, the total responsibility of GOOD HEALTH SL for damages caused to the CLIENT, due to its breach, defective fulfillment of its contractual obligations, and / or for any other losses, will be limited to the amount of this Contract, except in cases where there has been intent or gross negligence on the part of GOOD HEALTH SL


The CUSTOMER, in the event of any eventuality in relation to the technical operation of the system or the introduction of the requested data, may request technical support on the telephone and email indicated on the web.

  2. The intellectual property rights on the documentation generated and on the original ideas conceived on the occasion of the provision of the products correspond to GOOD HEALTH SL

2 The Client may use, exclusively for their own use, all the documentation generated by GOOD HEALTH SL on the occasion of the provision of the products, not being able to distribute it or facilitate its access to other people other than the Client, except with the express and written authorization of GOOD HEALTH SL (Dayal Mahtani H.)


The relationship between the Client and GOOD HEALTH SL. expressly submits to Spanish law.

To know how many discrepancies or claims may arise from the interpretation or execution of the legal relationship between the Client and GOOD HEALTH SL., Both, expressly waiving any other jurisdiction that may correspond to them and without prejudice to the mandatory rules on judicial jurisdiction, they voluntarily submit to the Courts and Trib