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Portable Molecular Hydrogen Flasks

The Most Powerful and Natural Antioxidant in a Portable Flask

Molecular hydrogen is considered the most powerful and natural antioxidant available because it interacts and reduces ROS (reactive oxygen species), intermediate reactive molecules that are generated during oxidative stress mechanisms in disease and at the level of the mitochondria, a very important cellular organelle that acts as the energy factory of the cell. 

As a result of its unique features hydrogen has many advantageous characteristics in clinical applications and healthcare. One major advantage that hydrogen contains is its ability to diffuse through membranes and enter the cytosol. Hydrogen can also enter the mitochondria and nucleus. This is extremely favorable since many known antioxidants lack the ability to target organelles and are not as effective in this manner. Molecular hydrogen is also believed to be advantageous in medical procedures since it is able to maneuver through the blood brain barrier. There also are few side effects involving hydrogen. It is proposed that few side effects occur, since it seems that hydrogen reacts with strong oxidants and its levels does not seem to interfere with cell signaling processes involving reactive oxygen species which makes it completely safe and tolerable at the physiological level. 

The Molecular Hydrogen Foundation, now called the Molecular Hydrogen Institute is a very serious and non lucrative organism that dedicates specifically to research on the clinical aspects of molecular hydrogen, each day more papers are released in this topic and the scientific community is, at the present time, bound to dedicate more efforts in learning more about this. 


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