Douche Spa Thalasso & Vortex

Transform a Simple Daily Shower Into a Daily Therapeutic Experience

A wide variety of domestic and professional bioshower heads with geothermal minerals and a specially patented grid design to optimize water consumption. Our home showers bring you the best quality of water together with other beneficial properties for the skin and the hair not only thanks to the geothermal properties of the minerals but also thanks to the new patented built in system for thalassotherapy and spa where you will be able to recharge the cartridges with our variety of Himalaya shower salts. But that's not all, the Chakra stones can be also recharged in our shower heads, this will bring you harmony and equilibrium because of the natural properties of this stones used in the Asian culture for millenials.

Having a shower with any of the Relaxarium Spa patented models will bring you a unique experience in terms of the sensation that will remain with you during the whole day. Our shower heads are designed to optimize water quality and consumption,  together with the fact that you are able to use different shower salts within the built-in cartridge system. At the same time the energetic power of the Chakra stones are made in such a way that is really easy to exchange them for shower salts and viceversa, because not every day is the same, you can choose different soothing alternatives from our collection to start your day with energy and positive vibes.

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