The Classic Shower Head with Geothermal Properties. NO SOAP REQUIRED.

This is our classic model, it's the first one to come out in the market and now it has become a classic product and very well known. This shower head comes with three different geothermal minerals preinstalled in the unit, like turmaline, germanium and white clay, they are high quality minerals which will last you for at least two years, depending of course on the amount of people using the shower each day and for how long. This minerals increase the quality of your water by reducing hardness, chlorine and other toxic and contaminants. 

Installation is very simple, unscrew the old shower and and screw our Relaxarium Spa Classi Geothermal Shower Head directly to the pipe, through our universal and stand screw system which is valid for all the countries around the world. Let the water flow for 30-60 seconds to activate the minerals and there you go you are ready to have the most amazing experience.

The patented grill design of 340 micropores produces the rain shower effect and saves you water, it is unique in the market.

Measurements: 280gr / Length 24.5cms / Grill Diameter 7cms

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