Thalasso-Therapy & Spa Built in one single shower head

This is a unique technology and design of shower heads made especially for domestic and professional use. Does not require any special installation just replace your old shower head with this new one and it is ready to use. The grill is a world patented design which allows you to save water during you shower.

This thalasso and spa shower head comes with three important minerals with geothermal properties: turmaline, germanium and white clay. They are round pellets preinstalled in the shower head and because they are manufactured with the highest quality, you will only need to change them every one to two years depending on the volume of water dispensed every day (its not the same a family of three members that uses that uses the shower daily than a family of 6 members). But the geothermal minerals is not the new feature of this shower head, as the classic model was designed with this same features. The great thing about this new model is that you can change one of the cartridges inside and replace the turmaline cartridge with our Himalaya shower salts, for a complete thalasso and spa experience, in this sense you can use Balsamic, Regenerant, Detox and Relax Himalayan salts. But also you can adapt our specially adapted Chakra stones into the cartridges, this is a mixture of 7 specific Chakra stones that will bring you peace a harmony together with the most relaxing shower experience.

Measurements: 275 grms / 24.5cms length / Grill 7 cms diameter

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