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Powerful Antioxidants Everywhere You Go

Molecular Hydrogen (H2) is considered to be the most powerful antioxidant available in the market at the present time. This H2 is generated through a process known as electrolysis in the base of the flask and the ORP (Oxidative Reactive Power) can reach up to -350mV which is considered to be quite efficient considering we are dealing with a portable flask. 

Just on the flask for a few minutes, you will see how bubbles start to produce due to the electrolysis process ocurring at the moment, after that you can drink the water directly from the flask. It is better to use mineral water with low sodium content in order to optimize maximum electrolysis reaction. 

You can charge the flask simply by plugging the wire directly to the USB port, like a mobile phone, there are indicators which show you when the flask is ready and fully charged. The activation or on and off button is through soft touch and easy to handle.

There is a recharge cartridge which contains ORP minerals to optimize electrolysis function, and as any other rechargeable component, it needs to be changed every 6 months.