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It is an INTELLIGENT mask  that eliminates viruses, bacteria and  other pathogenic microorganisms  with 99.9% efficiency thanks to its  COPPTECH technology based on the  properties of copper and zinc.

It is the only REUSABLE mask with patented copptech technology. It is composed with a combined  solution of copper and zinc with biocidal properties that applied to our smart mask eliminates up to 99.9%  of viruses, bacteria, fungi and other pathogenic organisms in less than 4 hours.

Thanks to this innovation, the smart mask eliminates and kills microorganisms from the contact surfaces,  creating a protective barrier between sources of infection and people.

The active ingredients of Copptech are released in contact with moisture, causing a rupture in the  membrane of the cells of pathogenic microorganisms, creating a hostile environment that leads to  multiple failures in their vital functioning, killing viruses and bacteria in a very short time.

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