A Combination of Juniper, Cypress and Grapefruit for Complete Skin & Scalp Detox

The Himalayan shower salts are the Salt Rosa, a product 100% unrefined and natural, it is delicately elaborated with organic ingredients and plant extracts in order to bring you the best experience during your shower or bath, it is initially thought to be used in our showers but you can use them for your personal tonificating bath. The characteristic pink colour of the Himalayan salts is due to the 84 minerals that are embedded in the salts, this special composition confers this colour and its properties. This salts will bring you a harmonized state of relaxation and detoxification. 

The properties of the Detox Himalaya Organic Salts are removal of residues from skin in order to main a health skin and scalp as it contributes to promote the natural skin barrier and defense.

Juniperus communis or Juniper induces the following effects: balances oily skin, tightens the skin, increases its protective functions, restores the youthful appearance, supports the regenerative process, cleans and unclogs the pores, softens the comedones and facilitates their removals, it has an anti-cellulite effect as it breaks down fats, improves the appearance of the greasy hair, treat dandruff and hair loss, strengthens the scalp.

Citrus paradisi or grapefruit is great for clearing off those ugly dimples on skin that are known as cellulite. This is because it is a lymphatic stimulant which promotes the flow of toxins, wastes and old fat cells, all of which form cellulite, to sites of elimination. Is also used in hair care to promote hair growth. It stimulates the hair follicles which facilitates healthy hair growth.

Cupressus sempervirens or Cypress heals wounds and infections, treats cramps and muscle pulls, aids toxin removals from skin, promotes blood clotting, releives anxiety, treats varicose veins and cellulitis.

Composition 500g: Himalaya Rose Salts unrefined, Cupressus sempervirens, Citrus paradisi, Juniperus communis